Spacewatch Funding

Spacewatch is funded by grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and The Brinson Foundation. In addition, we receive gifts and contributions from corporations and private individuals.

Grants have also been received in the past from The Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation, the U. S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program, the National Science Foundation, The Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. We have also received gifts from members of the Space Studies Institute and John and Ilene Nitardy of Seattle, WA.

The University of Arizona Foundation, the University of Arizona College of Science, and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Director's Fund have also made contributions to Spacewatch. The late Dr. Bernard M. Oliver (of Hewlett-Packard and SETI fame) saved Spacewatch in the early 1980s with a very generous personal contribution.

Even small contributions from individuals do add up to enough money to make a difference in our operations, and help our morale. Such donations are valuable because funds contributed in that way do not carry the sometimes-burdensome constraints that are on the Federal grants, being especially useful when we need to procure new equipment on short notice to keep the observing going. Federal grants are charged a 50.5% overhead fee. However, only 6% of donations and gifts over $1,000 are subject to withholding for the Campaign Arizona that improves our University as a whole. This makes each private dollar donated worth that much more to Spacewatch.

Contributions to Spacewatch made through the University of Arizona Foundation (a private non-profit corporation) are tax-deductible under the income tax code of the United States.

To make a contribution to Spacewatch via check, make the check out to

The University of Arizona Foundation

and mail it to:

Dr. Robert S. McMillan
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Kuiper Space Sciences Building
1629 East University Boulevard
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0092.

(Mailing it to us ensures that the funds will be deposited into Spacewatch's account at the University of Arizona Foundation.)

To make a contribution with a credit card or by transfer of stock, please contact Dr. McMillan at the above address, or via

Phone: (520) 621-6968

and he will arrange for the transfer.

Thank you very much.

Last Update: 2016 December 22 --JVS