SPACEWATCH® Detects the WIND spacecraft


The object designated 2001 DO47 was discovered on 2001 Feb. 19 by R. S. McMillan with the 0.9-meter SPACEWATCH® Telescope. It was detected as a trailed image because it was moving fast. The Minor Planet Center Electronic Circular (MPEC) 2001-D28 showed that the orbit was very similar to that of Earth and that the object would remain close to Earth for several months. The MPC continued to study the motion of the object as reported by many observers and has now concluded that it is the WIND spacecraft.

More from the Minor Planet Center about 2001 DO47

Discovery image obtained 2001 February 19 by R. S. McMillan, exposure time 153 seconds, trail image 29 arcseconds. North is to the right and West is on top.

Additional recovery images obtained by R. S. McMillan on 2001 February 19:


Recovery images by J.L. Montani on 2001 February 20: