Terry Bressi

Engineer and Observer Former Chief Engineer

Prof. Jeffrey Larsen, Ph.D.

Professor at US Naval Academy Co-Investigator

Robert McMillan, Ph.D.

Research Professor (retired) and Co-Investigator

Mike Read

Chief Engineer and Observer


Miwa Block

Former Applications Systems Analyst Former Observer Former Spacewatch® Webmaster

Kim Cochran

Former Technician

Anne Descour, M.Sc.

Former Senior Systems Programmer Former Observer

Tom Gehrels, Ph.D.


Robert Jedicke, Ph.D.

Research Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

Joe Montani, M.Sc.

Former Senior Research Specialist Former Observer Former Spacewatch® Webmaster

Marcus Perry

Former Spacewatch® Chief Engineer

David Rabinowitz, Ph.D.

Research Associate (postdoc)