Spacewatch® Cover Video

Clip 1: Inside the Spacewatch® 1.8-meter telescope, showing telescope in motion.
Video (11 MB; running time: 7:04)

Clip 2: Outside shots of the Spacewatch® 1.8-meter telescope.
Video (2 MB; running time: 1:45)

Clip 3: Outside shots of the Spacewatch® 0.9-meter telescope, shutter opening, etc.
Video (2MB; running time: 2:45)

Clip 4: Observing in the Spacewatch® 0.9-meter control room.
Video (12 MB; running time: 6:49)

Full video (137 MB; running time: 18:47)
Note: The full video is higher resolution and uses less compression than the four clips above, thus the file size is much larger!